Kashmir: where did we get wrong…

Ages ago Kashmir was a vast stretch of mountains, fondling the lake of Satisar in its lap. Not humans, but only gods relished the pleasures of this calm and serene land. After draining the Satisar, Kashmir was made suitable for human habitation. But not all humans were allowed to enter this abode of gods. Only the pious among the pure were lucky enough to have the privilege of entering this piece of heaven. So beautiful and peaceful was this land, that one could only try to envisage its beauty and yet wont be able to imagine the land with its true splendor. Historians have tried to portray its image by composing beautiful poems and inditing long writings and yet they feel an explanatory elaboration is required. Pandit Kalhana says:

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An Absurd Thought


The words are supported by two types of writers. One who write to gain fame, affluence, recognition or simply to present their ideas to ameliorate this world or to intrude their prejudicial thoughts in the society. Well we’ll talk about the other kind of writers. They write only to evince their inner world, without considering its pros or cons.

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Why we ?

With the killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, began the tension and oppression that ended up killing hundreds, injuring thousands and affecting millions of people in Kashmir. The work culture of Kashmir was reduced to infinitesimal values and the youth of Kashmir was divested from the blessing of education. The business sector was squeezed to death and the general impression of Kashmir was transformed from an abode of God to a pool of blood within not days but hours. The kids who were destined to prove their matter were forgotten by these destinies and eaten up by dark graves. The girls whose beautiful eyes were destined to look at their spouses with love were left blinded by the pellets, shot by Indian heroes. What is even more disheartening, Indian media felt hesitant in calling these innocent souls, martyrs. The “unbiased” media of India represented a 6 year old boy as a terrorist. The brainiac people of India even accepted this misrepresentation as true – outcome of their falsely guided patriotism.  Continue reading


It was in September 2013, that I got an opportunity to visit Leh-Ladakh. I would not call it a beautiful but an apt place. Ladakh is a place which is something different from just being called a beautiful place. By using the word beautiful, one can imagine the beauty to be like beautiful mountains, plains, snow etc. But Ladakh is something that I being a writer don’t have a suitable words to describe.
In Ladakh I got an opportunity to get a bit closer to a religion , entirely alien to my mind. I know about Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Islam but knowing about Buddhism was something alien, interesting and a bit scary for me. The place where I live, you hardly get a book on Buddhism or related subject. So i used the opportunity and got myself bagged by books about Buddhism. I visited many monasteries in Ladakh such as Hemus, Shanti Stupa etc but scarcely got any aid as all the voices were echoing in Bodhi language and the inscriptions were in Bodhi as well and I am ignorant of this language. It was only after a month when I was back home that I started reading the stuff. Some books being very helpful Such as Dalai Lama’s ‘The way to freedom’ , Herman Oldenverg’s ‘ Buddha’ etc and some books being not so helpful such as Harrison’s ‘In the lap of Buddha’. That does not anyway lower the merits of Buddhism in my sight.

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