An Absurd Thought


The words are supported by two types of writers. One who write to gain fame, affluence, recognition or simply to present their ideas to ameliorate this world or to intrude their prejudicial thoughts in the society. Well we’ll talk about the other kind of writers. They write only to evince their inner world, without considering its pros or cons.

They don’t rivet on presenting their writing skills in a pompous, sophisticated, convoluted, educated or furnished manner. They don’t write to gain fame or wealth. They write, because, while writing they are in a state of trance. They are be-charmed while writing, in an Orphic world, with an erased personality. They write in order to feel the beauty of being a “no one” and enjoying the beautiful universe that lies ‘tween a pen and a paper.

When a writer picks up his pen, he gets that titillating feeling, we used to get when in childhood someone used to buy us a toy and we had to wait till the guest would leave so that we could play with it. They feel disconnected from the world and feel as if entering a world that is far better than the one we are in. They enter a place, free from all the laws and rules. Even the laws of nature aren’t natural in here. You see, in this secret world, people fly, they walk on water, unicorns speak English, birds sing in human voice, people fly on brooms, crows turn humans, people disappear, they go to the past and re-live the lost moments, they cast spell with a magic wand, people tame dragons as their ride, a secret place is this. We have seen movies and read novels with the same theme. From where did these ideas sprang ? They all are in this mystic world. In here trees dance, flowers smile and the moon has a face that greets you every time you look at it. Butterflies chase each other playfully. The lush green grass, striking blue sky, multicolored erect flowers, tall standing blue, green, yellow, pink, orange and even black trees are so perfectly placed that even a person with an OCD would find these preparations over excessively perfect. The water here is not transparent. Its white, pink, green, yellow or any color you want it to be and that too sparkling shiny. They appear as if candies are flowing.

You don’t plan what to write. The pen draws the picture of the place it wants you to go. You are walking on a beach or on a wharf and you see a beautiful landscape adjacent to the beach. You see the heavenly beauty of this landscape and keep discovering places you couldn’t have ever imagined. You actually feel the air kissing your face, playing with your hair. The breeze brings along the smell of the flowers from the nearby garden. Do you hear the music ? Slow, soothing and healing music from the sky. You feel the touch of every plant, flower petal, grass, tree etc. You feel the wetness of dew drops on the grass and the roughness of the trees. You feel the cold piercing through your body with a pleasant amorousness. Do you know what place this is ? It’s actually a real place. Its not an imagination. You don’t feel what you imagine but here you feel every slightest touch. This place is a gift from your lord. He has protected this place for you from everyone and anyone. Its your place. You say ‘be’ and it ‘is’. You are the architect of this heaven. You bring in the people you want and without hate, regret, lust, guilt et cetra you ‘be’ with these people. There are absolutely no laws here. You bring in the dead friend of yours and see, he is very much alive. No one ever died. See, they are all here, in your world. The world, that is far better and holier than the one you have been in.

The truth is, and believe me as I say this, ‘this place actually exists’. Its just a matter of accepting the reality of this world. Traveling to ‘your world’ does not require any meditation or mantra. You just have to pick a pen or simply close your eyes and you are at the door of your world. You are an actual traditional king in here. Do you want a crown or a kings robe ? You get it here. Your world is behind the reach of any human. Safe and secure in the twelve pounds of universe that rests above your shoulders. Tonight open its doors and start constructing the world you always stargazed of. Rule your world the way you want to. Spend time with the people you want to. Make love to the ones you fantasize about. Have that long conversation with that lost friend or the friend you never had, who ‘actually’ connects with you on a spiritual level. There are people in there who love you, adore you. You are the master of this world. Its safe, deep inside the locks of your mind. So enter, my dear. Tonight knock the door of your inner world and see how your people welcome you there. Tonight open the doors of your inner world. Who knows, you have left someone waiting in there.

Moin S. Hakak

30th day of May 2017

02:17 AM


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