An Absurd Thought


The words are supported by two types of writers. One who write to gain fame, affluence, recognition or simply to present their ideas to ameliorate this world or to intrude their prejudicial thoughts in the society. Well we’ll talk about the other kind of writers. They write only to evince their inner world, without considering its pros or cons.

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The art of understanding…


Throughout our life we have seen successful people and failures, rich and poor, happy and sad, winners and losers et cetera. But this article is not about them. It is about people who understand everything and others who don’t. There are people who we think know everything.

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Slut by msh

Before you read this article, here is an exercise for you:


  • Imagine your mother, sister or daughter walking on a deserted road.

  • Now imagine a man following her.

  • He gets closer and keeps his hand on her back.

  • Then he sexually harasses her.

  • Then he passes a creepy smile and leaves.

Done ? OK, lets begin the article.


There are tears in her eyes as she looks up for help. She clinches the seat of the bus more tightly and tries to change her position. But all in vain, as the bus is jam packed. She is barely eleven years of age and is being sexually harassed in a herded bus, in the presence of her ignorant mother. She couldn’t utter a word of protest as she is too young to figure out a way to explain what is happening.

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