Why we ?

With the killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, began the tension and oppression that ended up killing hundreds, injuring thousands and affecting millions of people in Kashmir. The work culture of Kashmir was reduced to infinitesimal values and the youth of Kashmir was divested from the blessing of education. The business sector was squeezed to death and the general impression of Kashmir was transformed from an abode of God to a pool of blood within not days but hours. The kids who were destined to prove their matter were forgotten by these destinies and eaten up by dark graves. The girls whose beautiful eyes were destined to look at their spouses with love were left blinded by the pellets, shot by Indian heroes. What is even more disheartening, Indian media felt hesitant in calling these innocent souls, martyrs. The “unbiased” media of India represented a 6 year old boy as a terrorist. The brainiac people of India even accepted this misrepresentation as true – outcome of their falsely guided patriotism. The religious sentiments weighted more than the secular proclamations of India. This clearly indicates that Indian people only speak of tolerance and justice, but when to be observed practically, they fail miserably. I have talked about the situations in Kashmir, with Indian people and they seem to be very positive towards a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue. But then who are these people that burn alive the Kashmiri sumo and bus drivers? Who are these people spreading hate? Who are these people asking Kashmiris to vacate Kashmir and shift o Pakistan? Who are these people beating, torturing and even killing Kashmiri students outside India? Who are these people? Why is the Indian judiciary, the activists, the government, the politicians and the general public paying a deaf ear to these problems? Why is a Swatch Bharat a priority and not minority murders? Why is Make in India a dream and killing of Kashmiri people not an issue? Why are Kashmiri people asked to abandon their homeland and go to Pakistan? Why are we left with no rights? Why are we not allowed to speak, protest of fight back for our rights? My only question is “why us?”? Why no heart feels our pain? Why has the sort of prejudice blackened every heart? Why is a normal life living Kashmiri a terrorist? Why is a 6 year old boy left blinded? Why are our respected elders being treated like animals? Why are we being caged ? Why are we being tortured? Why are we being molested. Why are we being humiliated? Why we ? Why we ? Why we?

Moin S. Hakak
22nd of November 2016kashmir
The day of Tuesday


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